DC Worlds Collide Tier List and Reroll Guide

However, the application is pretty linear and even if Superman gets Invincible, it doesn’t give us another body on the field or card advantage directly. I find The Joker one of the most interesting leaders to work with. If not, it’s certainly a still formidable option, as it allows us to spin our strategy around the idea of high defense recruits but without being a liming factor when building a deck with her.

DC Dual Force Leader Tier List

Another reason that keeps The Flash in tier A is that he also has some flexibility when it comes to deck building. Might is the clear front runner early into your Beta experience with DC Dual Force. For this list, it reaches number 1 due to the quality of the budget cards players are more likely to have access too early on.

Choosing Leaders

The effect triggers on 4 charges and provides a massive 10 power attack. If we can line this up knocking out an enemy Leader we can then use this ability twice in quick succession. The problem with this ability is it still has to make it through to the opposing Leaders as using this much attack on an enemy recruit would not be optimal. The number is high but the ability is straightforward and only having one real optimal way you will want to use the ability Doomsday’s application is likely to be limited. Nevertheless, many other cards in two different factions generate Magical Spell cards and some of them are good on their own.

  • Good examples of this are lucius-fox
    , batwing
    , batmobile
    , or batman
  • Their are also Recruits like Red Tornado which can come down as early as Turn 3 which are game ending threats when paired with the multiple attacks of The Flash.
  • This means you have to allocate a lot of your resources into playing 5 attack cards.
  • The Flash can be very effective in an aggressive strategy, but the big finishers your looking for are higher rarity.

They are used up and removed from the game once you use them. – If you look closely at the last screenshot, you’ll notice a small bronze token just beside Wonder Woman. These are called resources, and you generate them at the beginning of your turn. The Leaders are good and the class synergizes really well with Tyranny.

MIR M Beginners Guide for 2023 – By Wemade

The package this card can support pairs well with many other strategies in the game making The Flash one of the best Leaders in the game. The ability provides you value and ability to clear early game recruits which in the beta was incredibly valuable. This is before even considering the make up of your deck where cards like Lucious Fox, Batwing and the Batmobile all synergise with the ability. Powerful effect which also provides powerful payoffs you don’t need to dedicate your full deck too. Batman is a great pairing and if your unsure where to start, start here. To be clear on how good this card is, without any support in the deck it would probably still be ranked on top.

Marvel Snap Zone is your best Marvel Snap information site, featuring in-depth guides, cards, decks, news, and more. Is a good sign that, in what leaders matter they are just going to touch two Tier C leaders, hal-jordan-leader
and shazam-leader
. They both gain additional charges by different methods, but even being able to charge Best decks in DC Dual Force Black Adam once a turn by dropping a power 5 recruit each turn may not be fast enough for being relevant. In our budget deck article, I made a proposal for Superman in combination with Batman. The next deck would be an upgrade considering rarer cards as options. The amount of damage he can do when attacking is quite relevant.

You’ll need other cards to support him in the early game. However, during the mid to late game, he’s able to summon massive sea creatures to flood the board and can easily overwhelm the opponent. The list is based on our personal testing and may vary from others. Note that the numbers mentioned in the brackets are the charges needed to activate each ability. In this guide, we’ll discuss each leader and their abilities, but we suggest you start with our DC Dual Force beginner’s guide and DCDF Factions guide. They discuss the basics of the game and provide a brief overview of every faction and their deck archetypes, which will help you better understand the leader’s guide.